Act Quickly! Save On Universal Hollywood Express Tickets

Today’s Daily Getaways deal is bound to go fast.  The offer is for Universal Studios Hollywood Express Tickets.

The offer is for a 1-day Express Ticket for $149.


Most importantly, this deal is for Universal Hollywood.  These tickets are not valid at Universal Studios Orlando.

This is a pretty solid deal for folks heading to Universal Hollywood.  Prices vary by day when you buy from Universal directly, but you can save at least $30 per ticket and over $100 on certain days when tickets are most expensive.  And, it’s on those most expensive days that you’re going to want Express Passes.

Universal is different from Disney, in that no version of a “cut-the-line” pass, like FastPass at Disney World, is included.  When the parks are busiest, Express Passes can make a big difference.  They don’t eliminate the line, but they can cut down a 90-minute line to a 20 or 30-minute wait.

The Final Two Pennies

Universal Hollywood runs a variety of promotions, so you may find a deal that fits you better.  But, if you’re looking for a cheap 1-day ticket to Universal Hollywood, this is a great deal.  Since there are only a couple hundred of these tickets available today, they’re going to go very quickly.  So, be ready a few minutes before 1pm EDT.  I’ll do my best to send an update on Twitter.

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