Half-Priced Legoland Tickets!

No shock, I’m always looking for deals on theme park tickets.  Whether that’s Daily Getaways, coming up again in a couple of months, Undercover Tourist or other deals, any discounted ticket is a consideration for our family.  Mike from Coworkaholic wrote about half-priced Legoland tickets earlier this week and my ears perked up.

It’s not uncommon to find discounted Legoland tickets, but it’s usually a buy one, get one free (BOGO) sort of offer.  More often than not, it’s the child tickets that are the free ones.  The offer that Mike writes about is a straight 50% discount for both Legoland California and Florida as well as the Legoland Discovery Centers, which we’ve really enjoyed.  List prices for 1-day adult tickets at Legoland Florida is $85.99, so half price is a nifty bit of cash back in your pockets.  Legoland Discovery center tickets are usually $25-$30 apiece.

We’ve visited Legoland a number of times and enjoy the park.  It’s quieter than Disney World.  We absolutely love the Legoland Hotel.  I think my kids like it even better than the park in some aspects.  We stayed at the new Legoland Florida Beach Retreat and didn’t like it quite as much.

The one catch to the offer is that it’s only for T-Mobile customers.  I’m a Verizon Wireless guy, so I might have to ask Mike if he can help me out with a discount!

The Final Two Pennies

Legoland can be a welcome break from Disney World and Universal Orlando.  It’s more gentle on your wallet and the crowds are usually easier to navigate.  I’ve found frequent discounts to Legoland, including at Lego stores and in their monthly magazine.  This is one of the better discounts I’ve seen, in that you don’t have to purchase an even number of tickets to get the max discount.


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