The Death Of The A380

The Airbus A380 stands bigger than all other commercial aircraft, but it stands at a crossroads in history.  Airbus announced recently that they were discontinuing the A380 program.  There are a handful of deliveries that will happen over the next few years.  After that, the A380 line will wind down for a final time and this largest of commercial aircraft will be “on the clock”.

We expect that the Airbus A380 will fly for at least another 10 years, but how much further than that?  And, why did the A380 ultimately fail?  Seth Miller from joined me on the podcast this week to discuss just that.  Our wide-ranging discussion also includes a date for Seth to come back on the podcast 12 years from now to see if the A380 is still flying.

Jen and I break down the latest Hyatt promotion, which may actually be worth switching some of your stays.  We haven’t seen that terribly often over the past few years.

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  1. NOT QUIET RIGHT!!!! It’s NOT the death of the A-380, it’s the end of the production of that airliner!! That aircraft will still take people from A-B for a loooong time, thank god, because there is no plane like it with such a comfort in all classes!

  2. Market forces take priority over everything else. With cancellations of booked orders by Emirates and Etihad Airlines, and orders for the super-jumbo class jets on the decline, the government backed Airbus had little choice. The overhead is simply too much without orders.

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