What Is Coworking?

This is a question I just couldn’t answer with authority a few years ago.  I’m still not an expert, but I’ve learned a lot about this growing space as I’ve traveled around the world.  The vast majority of what I learned came from Mike, who runs Coworkaholic.  He’s into coworking like I’m into donuts.  I’ve seen Mike travel to the far ends of the earth to visit coworking facilities.  He knows that world inside and out.  The number of places you can grab a desk, an office or a lily pad have expanded in a way I never quite imagined.

After recently joining BoardingArea, Mike was a guest on my NowBoarding podcast this week.  Apologies in advance for the audio.  Mike and I were crossing paths at Newark Airport, so the private Classified restaurant United operates there was our private recording studio.  It was mostly okay, but there were a few moments where the background noise isn’t great (thanks, United 767).

I’m a big fan of great audio quality, so this is likely a one-off thing for the podcast.  It was fun recording in this setting, and I even learned a few things about Mike I didn’t know.  But, we’ll shoot for higher audio quality in the future.

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