Win a Free Pair of Bluffworks Travel Jeans! Here’s My Review

I spent the first decade of my career wearing suits and ties to work.  For quite some time, I actually liked going to work dressed that way.  That’s just not my speed anymore.  For the next decade I wore plenty of khakis. In the past 5 years, I’ve ultimately settled in to wearing jeans just about every day.  That’s why when I first heard of Bluffworks, I wasn’t sure their gear would be a fit for me.  The reviews from fellow bloggers were all very positive.  Everyone loved the gear.

Then, Bluffworks came out with a vest and a pair of travel jeans, two items that I wear frequently.  I’ve started wearing a vest pretty much anywhere I go in colder months.  I purchased a vest from Bluffworks, which I’ll review in a future post.  After that, Bluffworks reached out and offered me a free pair of their new Departure Jeans to try.

Test Driving Bluffworks Departure Jeans

I know, I know.  You want to know about the giveaway.  Scroll down if you already love the jeans and want a pair. But, if you’re curious about how they test drove, read on.

When I pulled the jeans out of the box, they looked like any other pair of jeans I’ve worn over the past 5 years or so.

I had read about the zippered hidden pockets built into the jeans, but they weren’t immediately evident.  It didn’t take long to track them down.

The hidden zippered pockets are big.  You can get a wallet in them, a phone or just money and credit cards.  The pockets are also water-resistant.  You can see the pocket and the material the jeans are constructed of.

So, how were the jeans?  Pretty darn good.  I’ve only been wearing them for a month but they’re holding up great. Bluffworks boasts that they’re lighter than comparable men’s jeans.  I agree that they’re definitely more lightweight and significantly less stiff than some of my jeans.  Frankly, the reason I never bothered to buy jeans was because how stiff the denim is.  These fall into the category of comfortable.  They also come out of my suitcase looking great, no wrinkles.

I’ve worn them in cold climates (Edmonton) and Las Vegas (at times when it wasn’t snowing like last week).  I’ve found them to be very comfortable in all climates.  I would imagine they will continue to soften like all of my other jeans.  This blog isn’t really geared towards showing lots of pictures of me, but I figured I had to share at least one my wife took of me wearing the Bluffworks jeans.

One important note, Bluffworks recommends ordering one size smaller than you normally would due to the stretch in the jeans.  I’d agree with this based on the fit of my jeans.

If you’re in the market for a pair of these jeans, they retail for $125 on the Bluffworks website.  However, if you use code PIZZA at checkout, you can get 10% off your entire order (excluding sale items).  That’s 10% off anything in the Bluffworks line of clothing.

How About Those Free Jeans?

It’s easy to enter my free giveaway, but there is one small catch.  You need to find the secret phrase, which is in this week’s Miles To Go podcast episode.  You’ll hear me discuss it during one of our commercial breaks.  You can fast forward to the commercials if you don’t want to listen to the podcast.  But, if you did you’d miss a great discussion on the death of the A380 and my thoughts on the latest hotel promos.  And, that wouldn’t be any fun, right?

Once you have the secret phrase, enter it below.  You can score extra entries by following me on Twitter, etc through the entry form below.  I’ll pick a winner when the contest closes next week.  You’ll be able to select your size and Bluffworks will send you a new pair of jeans.

Click here to view this promotion.

The Final Two Pennies

As I mentioned above, I also purchased a vest from Bluffworks.  I’ll be reviewing that next week, and we may even have another giveaway in store… never know.  For now, the jeans are a great item to add to your travel gear.  Bluffworks has a good reputation for their gear from people I trust and my initial experience has been great.  Make sure you enter the giveaway to see if you can be the lucky winner to walk away with a new pair of jeans!

Don’t forget to use my link and my  code PIZZA to score 10% off your entire order (except sale items) when you shop at Bluffworks!

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