Delta Cyber Monday Award Sale! Big Discounts On US, Caribbean, Europe and Australia

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Delta joins the list of airlines with solid Cyber Monday award sales today.  They ran a pretty decent award sale on Black Friday, but I missed out on covering it for you guys before it ended.

Thankfully, there’s another good one to track.  Deals We Like reported on it earlier today.  Since Delta doesn’t have a published award chart, it’s a bit hard to tell exactly how good some of these “prices” are for award flights.  But, some are pretty obvious deals.

You can see the full details here, but I’ve also included a few screenshots below where I see some value:

US Deals

These cover January 7 to March 7, 2019:

Round-trip from LAX to Hawaii for 19,000 miles in coach is solid, as is Chicago to Seattle for 15,000 miles round-trip.  I still think New York to Seattle at 24,000 miles is reasonable in the Delta scheme of things, but dhammer below disagrees with me.  😉

Australia Deals

These deals are from April 1 to June 28, 2019 (and from April 16th for Premium Select).  That covers a bit of the prime season as well as the off-season (starting in June) in Australia.

The Final Two Pennies

As I mentioned above, tagging the exact amount of savings here is difficult since Delta no longer publishes an award chart.  24,000 miles round-trip for a transcontinental flight in the US is solid, as is 70,000 miles round-trip to Australia.  For perspective, United charges 80,000 miles round-trip to Australia in coach.  Premium Economy (Premium Select) is a newer product, but I think 112,000 miles seems like a reasonable price for the extra comfort.

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  1. I just want to tip my hat to Delta for offering 24,000 mile redemption NYC/SEA on what would have been 25,000 mile redemption way back when. Kudos to them. 😉

  2. Agreed, of course. My first look/see is Chase, followed by Southwest and b6 (jetBlue), then BA Avios for redemptions. After that, I check the legacy carriers.

  3. I’ve made this reference every so often on Flyertalk, and in the comments section of a couple of blogs that I read. Now about those donut pictures. 😀

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