Check Your Account! 20% Off Amazon Purchases From American Express AND $15 Off From Chase Ultimate Rewards Alive Again!

I was at first excited and then a bit bummed when word came out on Black Friday that American Express Membership Rewards was offering 20% off your entire Amazon purchase as long as you paid with at least 1 Membership Rewards point, and I quickly found out I wasn’t targeted.

I had the same level of excitement when word came out that Chase Ultimate Rewards was offering $15 off a $60 order.  Alas, I wasn’t targeted for that, either.

While I’ve been writing up Cyber Monday deals this morning, I decided to check my account again.

I’m now targeted for both offers!

While I need to get busy maximizing those savings, I also wanted to share with all of you.  If you weren’t eligible before, it’s definitely worth checking your account again. If you were eligible before and already used the discount, I’d be super interested to know if you are targeted again.

You’ll need to link your American Express Membership Rewards and/or Chase Ultimate Rewards account to your Amazon account.

CLICK HERE to link your AMEX Membership Rewards account to Amazon.

CLICK HERE to link your Chase Ultimate Rewards account to Amazon.

The American Express Membership Rewards 20% discount at Amazon offer can be found here.

The Chase Ultimate Rewards $15 discount at Amazon offer can be found here.

The Final Two Pennies

The American Express offer is supposed to go until December 23rd, whereas the Chase offer is listed to December 13th.  However, both note that there’s a cap, and they can pull the offer early. So, I wouldn’t wait around if you have stuff to buy.  Besides, there are a bunch of great sales today.

The maximum savings on the American Express offer is $100, which means a 20% discount on up to $500 in goods.

You don’t have to pay completely with points.  In fact, you only need to pay with a single point to get the discount.  And, I’d advise against paying completely with points.  You can find much better value for those hard-earned points.

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