Frontier Airlines Lowers Change Fees. Yes, You Read That Right.

Airlines always raise fees, right?  They’re always making it harder for us to travel cheaply and comfortably.  Except when they’re not.

In an exceedingly rare move, Frontier Airlines announced they were lowering their change fees on tickets.  This is on the heels of American Airlines’ CEO saying that they may have to remove the ability for customers to change nonrefundable tickets if the government gets involved in limiting the fees airlines can charge.

Frontier Airlines already had lower change fees than most of their competitors.  Going forward their change fee is as follows:

  • No change fee on reservations if you change your ticket 90 days ahead of time or longer.
  • Changes made between 89 days and 14 days prior to departure will incur a $49 fee per ticket.
  • Changes made within 14 days will incur a $99 change fee per ticket.

All of these change fees are less than the standard $200 fee American, Delta and United Airlines.  That being said, many of Frontier Airlines’ tickets are less than what those bigger airlines charge.  So, even a $99 change fee can wipe out the cost of the ticket.  This change is especially friendly for families who are purchasing multiple tickets.  Even though they’ll have to pay these fees multiple times the reduction in fees make a change sting less.  And, changes outside of 90 days don’t sting at all.

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The Final Two Pennies

Frontier Airlines has been on a tear as of late making changes customers will like, especially for families.  They introduced a new loyalty program and credit card, both of which help business travelers and families alike.  If you’ve read this far but haven’t flown Frontier before, you’re probably rolling your eyes when I talk positive about Frontier Airlines.  There are plenty of unpleasant stories out there about Frontier, but you can say that about pretty much any airline nowadays.  I’ve flown Frontier Airlines and didn’t die.  They’re really not as bad as some folks expect.  If you’re not considering airlines like Spirit and Frontier for future flights, you’re really not looking at the whole picture.

From both a consumer and a business standpoint, this change by Frontier really interests me.  Frontier is betting that by lowering change fees they can attract more business.  I’ll be watching to see if they’re right.

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