Aer Lingus Adding More North America Routes Next Year

Aer Lingus appears to be expanding service to North America.  It’s an airline I haven’t flown, but I did get to “experience” their new business class seat a few years ago.  I was attending a conference in Dublin called Web Summit.  Aer Lingus had a mockup of their new business class cabin there to test out.  This was around the time they were launching new service to Washington-Dulles, my hometown airport.

Now, it appears they’re poised to add at least two more destinations in North America.  The rumors are that Pittsburgh and Montreal are the likely finalists.  Pittsburgh has become an intriguing choice for airlines, with British Airways adding service there again recently.  Many years ago, Pittsburgh was a US Airways hub.  It’s been something of a ghost town for years and years.  Now, it seems to be seeing something of a renaissance.

The Final Two Pennies

Aer Lingus expansion in North America is a definite plus for folks looking to use miles and points.  They’re now a transfer partner of American Express Membership Rewards.  And, you could already use British Airways’ Avios to book Aer Lingus flights as well.  Dublin airport is a pretty easy airport to get around, definitely much better than London Heathrow.  It makes for a short flight from the US to Europe, which is a bit of a bummer for getting a good night’s sleep.  But, it can make for much easier connections throughout Europe.

The only thing I do wonder is how many of these new flights will survive an economic downturn.  We’re about to set a record for the longest period of sustained growth in modern history (according to stock market values).  That likely doesn’t continue forever.  When the economy slows down, airlines will still have these planes that need to go somewhere.  I do wonder what the route maps will look like then.

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  1. Most of the news I’ve read on this says Montreal and Pittsburg are 2 finalist but some also mention there could be another Midwest route added in addition. Pittsburgh seems like a good regional location and with Steel and tech jobs increasing in Pittsburgh that could drive part of this.

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