New Episode! Marriott Credit Card Mess And Free Concert Tickets From Hilton

The newest Miles To Go episode is all over the place!

First, we track down Richard Kerr on a faraway beach (again) to talk about the new Marriott and SPG credit cards.  Let me tell you folks, it’s a mess.  I can’t imagine that people sat in a room and thought it would be okay for business folks to cancel credit cards and wait 30 days to reapply?  Or, maybe they just wanted to make sure they wouldn’t have to hand out any sign-up bonuses.  Which is fine if you keep the same value proposition for your credit cards.  Anyway, hopping off my soapbox…..

On a brighter note, if you have some Hilton Honors points lying around, you might be able to score a couple of concert tickets!

Lastly, we wrap with some helpful tips on how not to mess up your European car rental.  Dominic of The Short Final makes his first appearance on the podcast.

I had a ton of fun recording this episode.  And, wait until next week!  One of my guests next week flew over 300,000 miles last year!


Got an Alexa-enabled device?  An Echo, Echo Dot, etc….  Enable the TuneIn or AnyPod skill.  Then, all you have to do is say, “Alexa, play me the Miles to Go podcast”…it’s as easy as that!”

And, ask producer Mike said to me earlier this weekend, with the podcast hitting 25 episodes, does that mean it’s old enough to rent a car now?

Where Can I Find The Podcast?

You can subscribe through the Apple Podcasts App and find it a bunch of other places as well:

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  1. I’ve tried your instructions for playing the podcast through Alexa, but both tunein and anypod play a science related podcast called “Hash It Out” hosted by Miles to Go instead of yours.

      1. Ed, I was able to play the podcast using Alexa and AnyPod. I had Alexa / AnyPod search for “Ed Pizza” and it first found your “Now Boarding” podcast and then the “Miles To Go” one. According to the AnyPod website, the launch phrase to use to play it directly without searching is “Alexa, ask AnyPod to play Miles to Go – Travel Tips, News & Reviews You Can’t Afford to Miss!”. Quite a lot to remember let alone a mouthful to say.

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