Donuts Across America: Dee’s Donuts In Las Vegas

What’s a travel blogger doing writing about donuts? If you’re asking that question, you must be new around these parts.  That’s okay, come on in.  I’ll explain.  I’ve always loved donuts.  As  my work travel started to ramp up, I wanted to find something interesting to talk about when I visited cities that didn’t have cool hotels or restaurants to review.  Thus, donut reviews!  And, even a rating system.  Because, why not?

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A recent Vegas trip had me sizing up a few donut shops I hadn’t sampled in that market.  Due to some technical difficulties I only ended up trying out one new shop.  Dee’s Donuts had been on my radar for a while.  They got good reviews as an “old-fashioned” donut shop, not a trendy $4 apiece sort of place.  In fact, a dozen donuts will set you back just over $10.

They’re on the outskirts of town, past the old Strip in North Las Vegas.  For those looking for more exact info, you can find them at 6401 N Durango Dr suite # 150, Las Vegas, NV 89149.

I showed up to a display cabinet filled with all my favorite varieties, except for one.  Apparently, it was the last day of school in the area and all of the traditional glazed donuts had sold out.  Ditto for Boston Creme.  However, there was still plenty of variety left.

I grabbed one or two of everything and headed out to meet with my team, donuts in tow.  One surefire way to know if you’ve got good donuts in your future is the weight of the box.  While not a guarantee, heavier donuts are generally a sign of someone that knows their craft.  These boxes were heavy.

My favorites of the bunch were their crumb donuts.  I preferred the cake style to the yeast-raised.  They didn’t have a ton of crumb topping on there, just enough to be tasty.  The yeast-raised with granulated sugar were light and airy like they should be.  The other flavors were okay, not stupendous.

Where does that leave us from a donut rating standpoint?  Better than average, by just a little bit.

  • A Sugar Symphony In Your Mouth. Life-Changing!
  • You Literally Reach For Another One Before You Finish The One In Your Hand.
  • Dunkin' Donuts. Waaay Better Than No Donuts At All!
  • Taste Good After A Hangover.
  • Only In Case Of Emergency (i.e. grocery store donuts).

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The Final Two Pennies

I’ll need to double back to Dee’s for a glazed donut and Boston Creme at some point.  That might cause me to bump up their rating (or down) depending on what I’d find.  If Dee’s were more centrally located, I’m pretty sure I’d visit more often.

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  1. The picture of donuts in the case reminds me of those out of the way, nothing special donut places in LA. Now I’m hungry for a good donut. Hmmm. Maybe Randy’s just outside LAX. 😉

      1. I may be in town early evening of July 3. After having dinner downtown, I’ll stop at that burger chain that people seem to like (not 5 Guys, sorry), then head to Randy’s for a couple of donuts.

  2. A nearby Save-a-Lot store was recently remodel. One thing add, was a small bakery. My guess is the items are produced and frozen elsewhere. Then placed in a cabinet unit that probably proofs and baked the donuts. An employee finish the goods and put them in the case. It’s right up here with commercial pre-made pizza shell with toppings ran through a machine that looks like the BK hamburger cooker. Cost for the glaze and cake donuts, 3@$1

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