Delta Opens Up A Lounge For Folks Stuck In The Middle Seat

Gotta tell you, I love this idea.  Especially given how tight coach can be nowadays.  I was minding my own business, keeping an eye on my work when I saw this article pop across my feed.

As referenced in a tweet by Brian Sumers, I was interested to hear that airlines have been talking about this for a while:

Here’s the gist.  If you have a flight out of Boston-Logan airport this summer and you’re in a middle seat, you’re in luck (kind of).  Delta has partnered with Coca-Cola to provide a lounge just for you:

Those with a Delta boarding pass showing a middle seat assignment can enter the lounge near Boston Logan’s gate A11, where there will be a Coke beverage station and an appearance by Celtics TV analyst and former NBA star Brian Scalabrine.

My favorite part of the story?  You also get to bring a beverage to your seat-mates:

Those in the Middle Seat Lounge can also take a three-pack of Coke bottles to share with their seatmates.

Sure, you’ll be able to get a drink onboard, just like your seat-mates.  But, who wouldn’t get a bit of a smile out of why the guy/gal in the middle seat brought them a drink?

The Final Two Pennies

There’s a cost to Delta to offer this service, but I have to think it’s minimal.  I’m sure it’s not an extravagant lounge experience.  But, it openly acknowledges that most people don’t want to be stuck in the middle. I would imagine Delta will get a little bit of goodwill and make a few passengers smile in the interim.  It won’t make me choose a middle seat anytime soon.  However, if you are stuck in a middle seat with a flight on Delta out of Boston, your airport experience just got a bit easier.

Now, if Delta really wanted to be cheeky, they’d offer this lounge up to passengers from other airlines who are stuck in a middle seat.  I’d love to see that!

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  1. Fun idea, though calling Brian Scalabrine a “former NBA star” is really pushing it. He seems like a fun guy to hang out with, though, and that’s probably what’s important.

  2. They could (offer up lounge to other airlines middle seat passengers) but the only other domestic airline that flies out of Terminal A at BOS is Southwest (and we all know you you find out the hard way if your in the middle of WN)…they could offer it to their partner WestJet out of Terminal A.

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