The Best Car Rental Mileage Bonus Offer Gets Extended. Again.

Car rental offers with bonus miles can be deceiving.  In some cases, the codes that give you “bonus” miles can drive up the price of your rental.  For the last few years, my favorite car rental bonus offer has been a partnership with United and Hertz.  Using this offer very rarely increases the price of a car rental for me.  And, the offer maxes out at 2,750 United miles for as little as a one-day rental.

I haven’t written about this offer in a while, though I continue to take advantage of it.  When I saw a post on One Mile at a Time about it being extended through the end of July, 2018 I figured it was worth covering again.

The Nitty Gritty

Even if you don’t have 1K status with United, the 1,500 bonus miles for renting a mid-sized car or larger makes this a great offer.  That means a minimum of 2,000 miles for a one-day rental all the way up to 2,750 if you’re 1K.  This might not be the best offer if you have longer car rentals of a week or more.  But, for anything less than a week, it really can’t be beat.  I do keep a stash of Hertz Gold Plus Rewards points around for one-way rentals.  For everything else, it’s the United offer.

The only other offer that comes close is Nationals One, Two, Free offer.  That’s not running right now.  And, the United/Hertz offer gives you miles you can use at your leisure.

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  1. There is an occasional offer for UA elites that gives up to 5,250 miles per Hertz rental. I earned over 100K UA miles in the 3 months period the offer was in affect ending 1/30/18. Speaking strictly about renting to earn miles, the 2,750 UA miles offer is good if you keep your total spend under $30 per rental.

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