QUICK! 20% Discount On Marriott Gift Cards. Will Sell Out In A Flash!

Today’s Daily Getaways deal is probably the crowd favorite.  If yesterday’s 35% discount on Orbitz is the biggest discount, today’s 20% discount on Marriott gift cards is the easiest to take advantage of.

If you want to travel the world for cheap and you don’t have tons of miles and points, you have to find ways to pounce on offers like this.  A 20% discount on gift cards that can be used at approximately 6,000 hotels isn’t something to pass up.

There are 3 deals:

$100 gift card for $80 (limit 5 per transaction)

$250 gift card for $200 (limit 2)

$500 gift card for $400 (limit 2)

There’s no $1,000 gift cards available this year and they’ve limited it to 2 $500 gift cards per purchaser.  You could probably double up on the $500 gift cards using the two browser trick, but you might need two credit cards. And, you’re going to need to be really quick.

NOTE: The T&C specifically state that these gift cards are not valid at SPG brands such as Westin, Sheraton, St. Regis, etc.

The Final Two Pennies

I like that they’ve increased the number of gift cards you can buy this year.  Last year, they limited us to 1 $500 card and 3 $100 cards per person.

IMPORTANT: If you’re trying for multiple $100 or $250 cards, be sure to click on the drop-down menu to change the quantity before you proceed to the purchase screen.

There’s not much more to say. These will sell out in a heartbeat and are an easy 20% discount on your next hotel stay.

You’ll want to be ready at 1pm ET, or maybe even a minute or two earlier.  If you really want to score one of these gift cards and don’t grab one right when they go on sale, hang around for a few minutes.  Some other persons misfortune (browser crash, internet glitch) etc may be your good fortune when they can’t complete their transaction.

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