Now Hiring! Be Paid To Travel The World This Summer

It’s pretty much every travel blogger’s dream.  Heck, if I didn’t have a wife and two kids, I’m pretty sure I’d be sending in an application. Well, except for that pesky day-job thing…..

WOW Air is currently accepting applications for a paid internship to travel the world this summer.  My sister Nat sent this my way late last week but I was knee-deep in planning the Freddie Awards.  If you win, you get to bring someone else with you as well!

They even put together a video to outline the process.

The Final Two Pennies

This would actually be an ideal job for my sister.  She’s small in stature and doesn’t mind flying coach.  Alas, like most of us, she has a day job.  I do wonder how much a gig like this pays.  And, since WOW Air is decidedly a budget airline, how much they’re willing to spend on a hotel room. Wonder if you get free checked bags?

If someone applies for this and gets any info, would you please share it with me?  I’m insanely curious.

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