Why You Might Want To Take A Closer Look At Fairmont Packages For Sale Today

I’m a big fan of the Fairmont chain.  They have some delightful hotels in Canada as well as a few gems in the United States.  Some of my most enjoyable hotel stays ever have been at Fairmont hotels.

At first, I didn’t plan to write about the Daily Getaways deal today involving two Fairmont properties.  The Fairmont Austin and the Grand Del Mar in San Diego are probably nice hotels.  They’re just not on my immediate radar (the Driskill is my personal fave in Austin).

Leave it my great friend, not-quite female twin family travel blogger Summer to point out what I’d missed.

What Summer points out is that the Ovation certificates you receive with this Daily Getaway almost assuredly mean you can redeem them at other Fairmont properties.  And, she notes one of my “favoritest” hotels in the entire world, the Fairmont Banff Springs.

Even though it’s been a decade since Michelle and I visited this hotel, it still has a special place in our hearts.  I was pricing stays at this hotel just about a month ago.  Great friends of ours are talking about getting married in Banff this summer.  Alas, the cheapest rooms I could find were about $700 US.  Which is exactly where Summer’s hypothesis comes in.

There’s a bit of risk here, but you should be able to buy those Grand Del Mar certificates and use them for a stay at Fairmont Banff Springs. I can personally vouch for the fact that there are plenty of dates where the rate is more than $500 a day.  No doubt, select days and shoulder seasons are cheaper.  But, there are plenty of more expensive days.  And, the Ovation certificates include breakfast for 2, not a cheap proposition at Fairmont Banff Springs.

The Final Two Pennies

Do you feel lucky?  I don’t think you need a ton of luck here, given that all previous data points to Ovation certificates being good at any property in a specific category.  But, there’s still some risk here if you buy these hoping to redeem them at a different property.  $2,000 is a lot to risk for a property you might not want to stay at (at least, it is for me).

Still, just a bit of intrigue with this Daily Getaway.  I’ll be curious to hear feedback from anyone who snags one today.

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  1. Wow. F’d up. This post doesn’t even say what’s included. Stay away from this blogger. He just wants you to clock links. Scam

    1. Ryan, sorry you didn’t get the full gist of what’s being offered. If you click on the Daily Getaways or Mommy Points links, you’ll see more detailed information. Essentially, you’re buying free night certificates from Fairmont. At least, that’s what we believe is the case.

  2. Mmm, what’s that about a “not quite female”? Maybe some of your modifiers are misplaced? I tried, but could not figure out your meaning. I think this hearkins back to high school when some kids would whine, “But Mrs. Johnson, when are we ever gonna USE this stuff?” Now, that would be now. I love your blog, don’t pay any attention to the disgruntled troll who commented before me.

      1. OK, got it now. I don’t know how you could have phrased that one in one sentence . I always enjoy YOU blog and wish I’d had a dad like you. But mine was in the Army, so we saw a bit of the world anyway. I think he was done traveling when he got out.

        1. Patricia, my dad was “done” for a while and caught the bug again. Now, you can usually find him jetting off somewhere to drink wine or see the world. I love seeing him travel. Thanks for following along!

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