TODAY ONLY: Discounted AVIS Rentals & Elite Status

AVIS has changed things up slightly for Daily Getaways this year.  While they still have a really great deal on discounted rentals, the status offer has changed. Here are the details on the AVIS offers:

AVIS One-Day Car Rental For $30:

These are good for a one-day rental on any car up to a Premium (Group G).  They’re only good for rentals in the continental US, Canada, Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands.

Just like last year, these certificates are not valid for rentals in the New York Metro area.

You’re allowed to purchase up to 7 certificates and you’re also allowed to apply up to 7 on any one car rental.

$30 a day is a solid price in a number of markets.  There are only 800 available and I would expect these to go quickly.  While it’s 100 more than last year, this is a really solid offer.  Be ready right at 1pm EDT if you’re interested in this offer.  Given that there are 800 available I could certainly see people who don’t complete their purchase due to any number of reasons, so it may be worth hanging out 10 minutes or so and refreshing your screen if you miss these right at 1pm.

AVIS President’s Club Membership For $750:

I actually had to stop for a minute when I looked at this offer.  AVIS has offered Chairman’s Club status for the past few years through Daily Getaways and they sell out almost immediately.  President’s Club status is at least one level down from that.

I’ve had Hertz Platinum service for a number of years now.  They offer considerable upgrades as well as a pick-up and drop-off service, where they’ll drop your car off right at the terminal for you and give you a ride back to the airport when you return.  For me, that saves at least 30 minutes every time I rent a car (sometimes as much as an hour).  It’s the only rental car elite status I value.  And, I’m losing it.

President’s Club will get you 2-class category upgrades and some bonus points.  Those things have value for folks who like to rent nicer cars.  I don’t have a big desire for fancy cars but plenty do.  For folks who are heavy travelers and prefer a much nicer car, you can probably get $750 in value.  A 2-category upgrade can easily be worth a couple hundred dollars on a longer rental period.

I’m not sure if this one sells out right away.  I suspect it will.  I would be ready right at 1pm EDT.  It’s possible someone clicks on this offer thinking they’re buying the 1-day certificate, so it’s worth waiting around a few minutes if you don’t get it right at 1pm to see if everyone completes their sale.

The Final Two Pennies


I’ve had success with some Daily Getaways offers in the past purchasing them for multiple members of our household (I bought Busch Gardens and SeaWorld tickets in both my name and my wife’s), and you might be able to do that here as well to score more than 7 certificates, though you’ll likely have to be pretty quick.

I’ve also had luck trying to process two smaller transactions for 3 certificates a piece.  The daily rental certificates will go quickly!

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