Man-Spreading And Cheap Flights To South America. And, Hotel Status Doesn’t Matter????

Cheap Flight of the Day:

I like both $469 flights to Peru and $436 flights to Athens (both round-trip pricing).  These cities pop up less often on the cheap flight radar.

In Case You Missed It:

My Favorite Italian Restaurant in NYC

This hotel charges extra for housekeeping.  Really.

Getting started on 18,000 miles for good.

American Airlines is getting into bed with Casper.  Thank you, try the veal!

The one thing to do before your iPhone breaks.

What to do when your Uber charge is higher than expected.  I’ve definitely experienced this before.  And, in Las Vegas, it’s never an accident when the driver takes you the long way to the airport.  That’s just Uber drivers “learning” the scam taxi drivers have been pulling off since the tunnel opened at LAS.

Why you should match your Hyatt status to M Life now.

After being rebuked on Mexico service from Long Beach, JetBlue is re-thinking how it will grow there.

Receive an e-mail alert when shopping portals are offering more miles from your favorite retailers.

Man-Spreading.  It’s a real thing.  Should women retaliate by doing the same?

Alaska and Delta are now offering holiday shopping bonuses.  These new bonuses aren’t as lucrative as the first batch worth 12,000 miles total.    The date range is the same.  I guess if you have a lot of holiday shopping, you could max these out after the more lucrative ones.

Hotel status matters less for families?????  Oh, we are so going to get into this deeper.

My good friend Summer is enjoying an awesome excursion today.  It’s a first and last. Her first time on a 747 and United’s last 747 ride.  Have fun, Summer.  I’m jealous!

Air France is changing their loyalty program.  Don’t worry.  It’s probably bad for you.

Is Lyft stealing share from Uber?

Man takes a ride on the baggage belt at Miami airport.  Awesome.

Remember that JetBlue employee who popped the exit slide while flipping the bird to his employer?  He’s giving advice now.  And has an awesome product to sell you.

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