This Hotel Charges Extra For Housekeeping. Really.

There are certain basic charges amenities that I’ve come to expect from a hotel stay.  I expect a clean room, even though I don’t always get it.  I expect that I’ll have hot water.  And, that there will be a gym and business center, though I don’t have high expectations for either one.  If I’m staying at any sort of a “regular” hotel, I expect that I’ll have daily housekeeping.

I’ve never paid for housekeeping.  I’ve been charged for moving my suitcases, though rarely.  I usually just carry my own.  I’ve had the occasional stay where there was a “mandatory bellman fee”.  I’ve been charged resort fees, which are really just junk fees designed to make the hotel more money. But, I’ve never been charged for housekeeping.

There’s a report of a hotel who charges guests for housekeeping on a daily basis.

In an earlier version of this post was missing the link to the story. My apologies, and thanks to Melinda and the other commenters who pointed out my flaw. 

The Los Suenos Marriott Ocean & Golf Resort in Costa Rica believes guests won’t be offended by the fee. It’s “only” $2 a day, but that really just feels like a thumb in the eye.

Hotel Charges Extra For Housekeeping

At this specific hotel, they also charge a mandatory bellman fee along with a resort fee.  Apparently, the bellman fee and  housekeeping fee are only for folks staying as part of a group contract.  Which is ludicrous.

Are conference guests dirtier guests on average?  No.  Do they have more bags that need the help of a bellman?  Maybe, but I doubt it.  They charge these guests because they can.  Conference attendees are a captive audience for the most part.  They’re staying at the host hotel.  I’ve generally seen the mandatory bellman fee pop up in major metropolitan markets.  I believe the bellman are union employees in those hotels, though I don’t know if that’s specifically why the fee is charged.

The Final Two Pennies

I’m not sure why this one is stuck in my craw, but it is.  Sure, it’s only two bucks a day.  But, it’s being charged to people who have little choice.  And, I would suspect most of the people paying the charge don’t know they’re obligated to pay it until they arrive at the hotel.  If they’re conference attendees, their company is likely footing the bill.  Maybe that’s the key to why this subsection of people are getting hit with the charge.  Because they’re least likely to complain about a garbage charge like this.

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  1. I had this charge at the JW Marriott in Cancun a few years ago. It ended up being about $2 a day. We didn’t realize until we were at the front desk checking out and had already left a tip in the room for housekeeping. We were part of a wedding and had a special rate. It was only about $20 less than the normal rate.

  2. If such fee is mandatory, I would make sure my money well spent. Maybe I turn my room into a big trash bin or if its a smoking room, I wouldn’t bother with ashtray. Splash wine or coffee here and there. If my luggage have wheels, I would tape them just to ensure the bellmen lift it up and dragging it…

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