FatWallet Is Shutting Down. Long Live FatWallet!

Some folks will shed a quiet tear today with the apparent announcement that FatWallet is going away.

Years ago, many of my mileage junkie friends used FatWallet for valuable rebates.  FatWallet was acquired by eBates and the rebate junkies moved there, though I’ve seen plenty of good deals pop up on Fatwallet over the years.

FatWallet is mostly a deal site now.  It’s been useful, the first report on some deals.  Ideally, you’re hunting on a number of different sites if you want to find all the best deals.

Now it seems the shutdown of Fatwallet is imminent.  Deal junkies move on, always in search of the next deal.  But, FatWallet will hold a special place in the hearts of some of my fellow deal junkies.

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  1. My most memorable deal was the laptop rebate deal on 2005 or 2006 where I got paid to get a laptop (along with like 50 Rebates for Norton and the other anti virus software companies.

    I will miss FW!

  2. The real value of fatwallet was in the forums where readers poted a lot of iOS deal information. I don’t know what is the next best alternative forum but wanted does not have it

  3. I got banned a lot from Fat Wallet. I remember the first time they banned me was because they were running a scam where if you clicked through a Fat Wallet link to get cashback at a website, the website increased the price of the product or service to make up for the cashback. So the price was higher than if you went there directly. Fat Wallet refused to do anything when the scam was exposed and myself and several others were vocal about it on the forums. They would remove my posts and then banned me.

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