JetBlue Capping Flight Prices Out Of Hurricane Path At $99 & $159

Hurricane Irma ripped a devastating path through the Caribbean.  Some of the initial pictures are just heartbreaking.  Well, they’re all heartbreaking.  There was some early talk that airlines were raising prices as demand increased for flights leaving Florida.

For the moment, let’s look past that and focus on something good.  JetBlue has capped fares leaving Florida at $99 one-way for nonstop flights and $159 for connecting flights.

That’s a big thumbs-up to me.  There are likely plenty of residents who need to get out of the way of the storm.  Driving is one option, but the roads are going to be plenty full.

Gary makes the point that JetBlue’s gesture might not be a good one, that it might cause folks to hoard seats.  I have a lot of respect for Gary, even if I can run faster than him.

Charging less for a ticket in this situation might not benefit a resident getting out of the way of the hurricane in every instance.  But, charging sky-high prices for those last few seats is likely to act as a discouragement for some folks with less means to get out of town quickly.  It also functions as an extra tax on those folks without a better choice, one that might come on top of a massive rebuilding effort when they return.

I’m not a shareholder of JetBlue.  But, I’m happy they made this gesture.  If I was, I don’t think I’d be sweating this.

I compiled a list of airline travel waivers and other useful information if you’re trying to get out of the path of Hurricane Irma.  I’ll be updating it throughout the coming days.

Now, let’s hope we can get everyone out safely.

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