There Are Less Than 5 Hours Left On One Of The Most Interesting Travel Auctions I’ve Seen

I wrote about an incredible experience to bring humanitarian aid to refugees in Africa last week.  “Fun” isn’t the right word.  Rewarding?  Aspirational?  Yes.

The auctions end in just under 5 hours.  There are ten seats up for grabs.

I’ve been to Italy, Greece, Paris, Australia and so many more destinations that some people never get to visit. I’ve had a dozen or so trips to Disney World including one really painful one.

There have also been crazy aviation geek trips. Jaunting around the world with a bunch of similar-minded geeks on planes? Check. I even snagged my first deliver flight a couple of months ago. But, I think this one is in a category all its own.

Relief Flight Travel Auction

Here are the details:

This year, Norwegian is celebrating its 10thanniversary of partnering with UNICEF. The airline has one Boeing 737 in Europe with a UNICEF livery that has carried out three humanitarian aid flights in the last few years (to the Central African Republic, Jordan for the largest Syrian refugee camp, and earlier this year to Mali). Next month, Norwegian will take delivery of its first Dreamliner with a UNICEF livery. The airline will celebrate the event by carrying the next humanitarian aid flight on a Boeing 787 aircraft.

The destination is Djibouti, where UNICEF has several refugee camps, including one of the largest in the world for Yemeni refugees. It is also the closest safe point to transport aid to Yemen, with 144 tons of humanitarian aid cargo set to be shipped from Djibouti across the Gulf of Aden to Yemen.

As with all previous UNICEF humanitarian flights, Norwegian’s Founder and CEO Bjørn Kjos will join the flight, help offload the life-saving cargo, and visit the refugee camp. Whilst the brand-new aircraft will come from Boeing’s Seattle factory, the journey will start in Copenhagen, where we will visit UNICEF’s supply division that holds the cargo we will load onto the aircraft and bring to Djibouti. Upon arrival, we will help offload the supply and bring it to the refugee camp.

Will you be joining me?

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