Hilton Surprises And Delights With Simple Tech

Call it my not-so-dirty little secret.  I’ve been cheating a bit on Hyatt and Starwood Preferred Guest with some Hilton hotels.

I was given top-tier Hilton Diamond status as part of a promotion a few years back courtesy of my American Airlines Executive Platinum status.  I ignored it for a while.  Lifetime status was within reach at a couple of different chains, so I focused there.  I finished up lifetime SPG Platinum first.  Then, earlier this year I finished up lifetime Hyatt Diamond (now Globalist) status.

I’ve been pondering what to do with hotel status going forward.  And, as part of that pondering I’ve been doing a bit of wandering.

I have a handful of stays at Hilton properties.  I can’t say I’ve been overwhelmed with the quality.  In fact, some of the properties have been decidedly sub-par.  But, there have been a few nice bits along the way.

For starters, I think Hilton’s version of digital room keys is as good or better than any other chain.  I plan to do a follow-up post on that, but it really works well.

Then, on a recent stay at the Hilton Chicago O’Hare, I got a simple text message a few minutes after checking in:

Hilton Surprises

Sometimes Low-Tech Is Good Enough.  Even Great!

It’s such a simple thing.  Yet, it was perfect.  Hotels commonly call my room or leave a message on the room phone asking me how my stay is.  I largely ignore those calls and voice mails.  They just don’t feel very effective.

Maybe I’m making too much of a simple text message. But, I’m much more likely to answer a text message.  And, in this case, it was an easy way to ask for a few pillows.  I know some chains have started rolling out the ability to request items via their app.  This is definitely a step in the right direction.  But, more communication channels is always a better option.

And, something as simple as a text can be enough to get the job done.

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    1. ROBBO, I don’t mind talking to another human. But, frequently those calls on the room phone come in while I’m in the middle of a work call. And, I’ve had more than my fair share of hotel voice mail systems that don’t work as advertised. Texts work great.

  1. I experienced that last month at the same hotel (Chicago Hilton). They said it was fairly new. They were highly responsive; I took care of several issues via the system.

    And I thought you were going to write about the tablet in the room. My wife thought that was great.

  2. Stayed at a Hampton earlier this week, and on the desk there was a hub with two normal power ports and two usb power ports, plus the alarm clock had two regular power ports as well. It is that little stuff that really, really makes a difference.

  3. Same experience at the Doubletree in Denver last year. The texting thing really threw me but was quite convenient.

  4. We experienced the same at the Hilton Waikoloa Village on the Big Island during a six-night stay last year. It was personal yet not as cumbersome as a phone call or a visit to the front desk at that sprawling location. We’re returning in the Fall (another terrific all-inclusive sale) and will be interested if they’re still using it.

      1. Ed, The woman who checked us in let us know and asked our permission. I thought it might be associated with Hilton Diamond status, but maybe it’s available to less exalted guests too. 😉

        Something happened at one point that neither of us can remember (senior moment!) but it was along the lines of the key to our room not working that made it exceptionally convenient to summon assistance through a text message rather than hiking down to the desk – that’s a big facility as many would know.

        IIRC we also could use it to have our car fetched by the parking valet when we were going out. All in all, it was really handy and still personal as an employee always “signed” the message.

  5. Ed – I have had several Hiltons contact me by text after checking in. It’s a nice touch and they follow-up quickly on any requests. I’m a long-time Hilton Diamond member – 5 years running. I haven’t heard of a lifetime diamond status – do they still offer it?

    I can agree with you – having stayed at Hiltons all over the United States – my experience varies. Newer properties tend to be really nice, but others have issues. On the other hand, I have noticed that there is a lot of investment going-on right now. It seems that every Hilton I have visited recently is under construction.

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