Hilton HHonors Gifting Diamond Status To AAdvantage Executive Platinum Members

I really do need to pay better attention to my airline marketing e-mails.  Apparently, American Airlines is partnering with Hilton HHonors to target AAdvantage members for status.  I received an e-mail back at the end of September offering me instant Hilton HHonors Diamond status, their top tier:

Executive Platinum

Usually this requires 30 stays, 60 nights or 120,000 base points, but I’m getting it for free until March, 2016.  I’m not sure why I was targeted for it but I wasn’t the only, which is the only reason I ended up figuring out I had the offer.

See, first Jetsetter’s Homestead wrote about it.  I totally missed it amongst a vacation and a trip to Ireland.

And then, View From the Wing wrote about missing the offer, exactly what I had done.  It still took me another 2 weeks to get around to seeing if I had received an e-mail.  Lo and behold, I had received two.  The aforementioned one back in September and another one in late October.

I went ahead and finally clicked on the link. Without entering my Hhonors number, their system figured out who I was and my account immediately reflected my new Diamond status.

I’m still not entirely sure why I was targeted. I haven’t had Hilton status in probably a decade or more and I don’t know that American or Hilton would have any obvious way to know I’m a Hyatt and SPG top-tier elite.

It’s possible (and would be wicked smart) that they searched for EXP members who’s round trip flights are greater than X days on average.

If you’re an American Airlines elite member, you may want to check back through your e-mail, especially if you value Hilton status. I don’t, but that 25,000 mile offer they reference is very intriguing. It only requires 3 stays by the end of the year.

That leaves me with an interesting decision item, but more on that in a future post when I have a bit more time.




  1. This is still a *targeted* offer, though, so not everyone may have received it. I didn’t 🙁 . But like you, I don’t really value Hilton status anyway. And also like you, I can get comped HI Gold status via Amex Platinum (but of course, HI Diamond would be better).

  2. Can you post the link that you received? I’m EXP and Hilton Gold, but never got anything. I think it’s because my AA and Hilton e-mail addresses are different…

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