Cheap Flights To Europe! Summer and Fall Fares To Rome, Paris, Amsterdam!

It felt like I saw European fare deals popping up all day today.  I was mostly ignoring them since we’re well into summer and these aren’t the lowest fares we’ve seen lately.  But, there are so many, I figured it was worth noting a few of them in case you’re still looking for a good deal on a flight to Europe.

The Flight Deal has a number of deals on their front page right now:

$460 Round-Trip Summer Fares to Europe

Not the lowest price, but covers a ton of cities.  Mostly targeting American Airlines hubs, you can depart from Charlotte, Chicago, Dallas or Philadelphia to:

  • Amsterdam
  • Barcelona
  • Helsinki
  • Madrid
  • Paris
  • Rome

There’s also $465 round-trip fares from Los Angeles and San Francisco to Barcelona and Madrid.

And, $454 round-trip fares from Los Angeles to Rome.

Or, $477 round-trip fares from New York to Amsterdam, Venice and Rome.  Boy, do I love Venice! It’s a great city to get lost in.

Finally, $422 round-trip fares from Boston to Amsterdam, Milan, Rome and Paris.

The Final Two Pennies

Don’t think of a Charlotte to Rome fare sale as “Charlotte to Rome”, or any other two city pairs for that matter.  Think of it as “US to Europe”.  Use cheap flights or miles and points to cover that last leg to your dream destination.  Similarly, when fares are this cheap, leverage your points to save on hotel rooms to give yourself a truly affordable trip to Europe.

Cities like Rome are centrally located enough to get to lots of places in Europe.  In less than a 3-hour flight gets you to all kinds of interesting places, like Paris, London, Greece, Germany, Amsterdam and a whole lot more great cities.

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