50% One-Time Amazon Discount And United Matching 1K Status!

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The First Thing You Should Do When You Get To The Airport This Summer

“Enrollment On Arrival”.  An innovative new move by US Customs for folks looking to sign-up for Global Entry.  That’s probably why such a sensible idea is a surprise to see CBP employing.

The amazing fight that took place recently on a Delta flight.  A crazy story about a passenger trying to open the exit door during flight.  A bunch of panic ensued, which leads to a great question.  How much force is too much force to stop someone on an airplane?

Big Amazon discount!  50% off your first subscribe & save offer.

Wow!  United is status matching folks to 1K status.  I haven’t seen much of that lately.

Passenger causes explosion at security checkpoint.  Yes, batteries are dangerous.

Did United threaten a passenger to keep him from filing what looks to be a legitimate lawsuit?

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