Disney Hacks, The Future Of The A380 And Just Take The Trip!

Cheap Flight Of The Day:

$380 round-trip fares to Amsterdam.

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Is Hyatt Going To Take Their Hotels Off Of Expedia?  I’m on the record many times in the past as saying I can’t quite understand why hotels haven’t done a better job getting control of their inventory.  This move by Hyatt to negotiate rates with Expedia will save them money.  But, it won’t change customer behavior.  For that, Hyatt and other chains need to offer incentives to customers to book directly.  Hyatt already offers some member only rates.  They need to make those more widely available and then shout about it to their customers.

Is The A380 dying or getting a new life?  It’s hard to say based on the available information.  Airbus isn’t adding a new engine, which would qualify as one of the surest signs they’re making a long-term commitment to the jumbo jet.  The cabin improvements aren’t as difficult to implement.  I expect to see that happen.  I’m still not sure that will be enough to grow the A380 past the large chunk of planes Emirates has on order.

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