Disney World Closes Loophole Used To Get Extra FastPass Opportunities

Disney World has employed a digital system for their version of “cut the line” passes, called FastPass, for the last few years.  A few industrious folks had figured out a unique way to game the system.  Disney finally figured out how to stop it.

The trick involved purchasing and registering a second set of Magic Bands.  I’m not entirely sure how difficult this was to pull off since we never tried it.

According to Frequent Miler and Blog Mickey, Disney seems to have caught on and has closed the loophole.  Now, if you try to use a Magic Band that hasn’t been linked to valid park tickets, the system will immediately shut that account down.

I guess if you really wanted to score extra FastPasses, you could buy a second set of park tickets.  You’d need to enter the park more than once, and maybe use a different finger print for each.  I’m honestly not sure.  I’m also not sure it’s worth the hassle, since we’ve done pretty well with FastPasses during our last two trips.  I plan to write up some strategy stuff about FastPass someday soon.

Extra FastPass Opportunities

Charlie Hitting The FastPass Kiosk Hard!

The Final Two Pennies

Closing loopholes like this theoretically means that folks like you and I will have a better chance to score the key FastPasses we want for future trips.  Even though I hypothesize about ways to beat the system above, I really don’t think the juice is worth the squeeze.  That’s especially true if you maximize your legitimate opportunities to score extra FastPasses.

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