Cheap Flights To Europe!

There are a handful of decent European fares right now from big US cities (hubs) to popular cities in Europe.  That means with a little bit of work you can get from a lot of different places to a lot of different places with just a little bit of work.

All 3 of these are via The Flight Deal:

Boston to Milan for $441

New York To Rome for $478

Los Angeles to Milan for $463

As a reminder, any flight that originates from or returns to the US comes with a 24-hour guarantee.  Depending on the airline, you can either put the fare on hold for 24 hours or request a refund within 24 hours.  In the case of American Airlines, it’s the ability to request a refund within 24 hours.

That means if you’re on the fence about booking one of these, you really want to consider booking it now and cancelling within 24 hours if you change your mind.

Cheap Flights to Europe

St. Peter’s Square And Rome, Beyond

The Final Two Pennies

Don’t think of a New York to Rome fare sale as “New York to Rome”, or any other two city pairs for that matter.  Think of it as “US to Europe”.  Use cheap flights or miles and points to cover that last leg to your dream destination.  Similarly, when fares are this cheap, leverage your points to save on hotel rooms to give yourself a truly affordable trip to Europe.

Cities like Rome are centrally located enough to get to lots of places in Europe.  In less than a 3-hour flight gets you to all kinds of interesting places, like Paris, London, Greece, Germany, Amsterdam and a whole lot more great cities.

And, we sure do love Rome!

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