Video Of Fist Fight On Plane Makes Me Wonder What’s Next

You’d have to be living under a rock to be unaware of all the incidents on airplanes lately.  I keep up to tabs on such things, but even I’m beginning to wonder what’s going on.  Are people just more likely to post a video to social media, or are there really more incidents?  Can both be true?

Here’s a video that just has me shaking my head:

To be clear, Southwest hasn’t done anything wrong here.  Other than a flight attendant getting a bit crushed while she was trying to break up the fight, the airline is only related to the story in that it happened on their plane.  It’s interesting because I regard Southwest as one of the least likely airlines where you’d see a fight break out.  They deliver good customer service and have generally happy/helpful front-line employees.

What’s Going On?

It strikes me that this must just be a random incident of violence, except there are so many of these lately.  I know there’s more stress when traveling.  I see and feel the fever pitch in airports and on airplanes.  People are on edge.  The United Airlines dragging incident is a classic example of people boiling over.  While that incident seems to the leading cause of our discussions (even leading to Congressional hearings), it’s nowhere near the only incident with salacious video lately.  Heck, it’s not even the most recent United one.  The on most top-of-mind for me is the United ticket agent canceling a customer’s ticket over a disagreement.

I really do wonder what it’s going to take to de-escalate the current panic situation pervading air travel.  There are tens of thousands of airline employees that need training to react to these situations better.  And, there are millions of customers who need to take one, deep breath.

Or, more simply, as One Mile at a Time put it, what is wrong with people?

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