Cheap Flights To Europe For Summer Travel!

There are two great deals out there right now for summer travel to Europe.  They aren’t the cheapest we’ve seen. But you might save a few bucks on some things the true ultra low-cost carriers will charge you for, making these “all-in” prices pretty darn good.

$360 fares out of Baltimore to Venice offer an exceptional value to one of my favorite cities.  Baltimore actually serves as a really good city to fly to Europe from.  For starters, folks from DC, Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania and New Jersey can all make it to BWI pretty easily.  Second, BWI is a big Southwest city.  That means if you live a bit further away, you can probably find a cheap fare on Southwest to get you to BWI.  These prices are good for May and June, where the second deal below is for later in the summer.

Additionally, Condor includes a free checked bag and a carry-on with these fares.  The cheapest checked bag on WOW Air will cost you $51.  Consider all the costs when booking with a low-cost carrier.  As The Flight Deal notes, Condor does charge for seat assignments.  Because Venice is also a tourist destination, you’ll find other discount carriers who service Venice.  That means you should be able to pair this fare up with a cheap flight elsewhere in Europe.

Don’t forget that the trains in Italy are another great option.  With some competition in Italy now, you have a great fast train that can whisk you to Florence or Rome in just a few hours.

Cheap Flights

Venice is one of our all-time favorite cities.  Some people don’t give it enough credit.  But, here are just a few things to consider when visiting Venice:

If Venice isn’t your thing, consider $370 fares to Portugal on American Airlines or British Airways.  Members of the American Airlines AAdvantage program can earn miles on these fares to use for future trips.  These fares are for later in the summer (August or September).

Lisbon is a beautiful city in its own right.  But, the presence of TAP Portugal as the flagship airline of Portugal means you can get a lot of places pretty easily in Europe.  They’re not the only airline that serves Lisbon.

The Final Two Pennies

There will be other sales for summer travel to Europe.  But, these both strike me as good deals for places you want to visit.  Both deserve a serious look.

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  1. Travel to Europe can be expensive, but if you’re willing to be flexible it can save you some big time cash. Sweden wasn’t at the top of my travel list, but I jumped at the opportunity when I found a mistake fare for about $250 a person. Even if I didn’t want to visit Sweden, I could have easily taken a cheap Euro flight to another country. Flexibility is the key to massive savings!

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