Yes, This Is The Craziest Travel Pillow I’ve Ever Seen

I’ve seen a whole lot of weird travel gadgets. You’d be surprised what some people think is a great idea. But, I definitely don’t remember anything significantly crazier.  Special thanks to Barrie for bringing this one to my attention.

To really understand the true value, you need to watch the video.

It appears you can actually purchase one of these from their websitethough they’re not shipping until December.  For only, ahem, $99.

I’m not 100% sure you’d get this through security. Pool cues and golf clubs are on the TSA no-no list.  The article I read didn’t think this was an issue, but let’s be honest.  The TSA isn’t known for their consistency.  It was just a couple of weeks ago that my good friend, Randy was barred from bringing an item through security that doesn’t appear on the prohibited list.

But, It Looks Like A….

Here’s the thing I can’t get out of my mind when I look at this. It’s not a kind description. The basket part that your face sits in?  That totally reminds me of a urinal screen. Maybe not familiar to women, but every man can picture that with a big “blue mint” sitting in it. The padded top reminds me of the toilet booster seat our kids used.

Craziest Travel Pillow

Not a favorable description, for sure.  But, I think I’d feel like an even bigger idiot than I already am if I leaned over and put my head into a urinal screen to catch a nap on a flight.  It’s not even clear to me this would be a comfortable position to sleep, especially if you lean to one side a bit and end up in someone’s lap.

I don’t recall seeing any fellow travel bloggers write about this, but Barrie did point me to this article. Maybe they’re just waiting to be discovered….

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  1. Is a supply of urinal deodorizers in different scents included with it?

    Demonstrating the assembly of the device does not seem to be difficult when doing so in a premium class seat; but what about an economy class seat?

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