Deal! When Getting A Hotel Room Is Cheaper Than Paying For Airport Parking

Thanks to my sister, Nat for passing this one on.  Folks who have long trips scheduled out of Newark airport will like this TravelZoo deal for $99 that gets you a hotel room and up to 14 days parking.

Airport Parking

The cheapest on-airport parking option I saw was $18 a night.  There are plenty of cheaper off-site options, but for longer trips $99 is a screaming good deal.  The cheapest rates off-site are in the $6/day range and don’t include a hotel room.

This appears to be available for the rest of 2016, with dates from now until mid-November being $119, but the major travel holiday periods of Thanksgiving and Christmas are $99 for a 1-night stay and 14 days of parking.

At these prices, it’s literally cheaper to book the hotel room if you have a 2-week trip rather than pay for parking.

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  1. Thanks, Ed. Saw one of your presentations at an FTU in 2014 and read your blog fairly regularly. Timing on this was stellar – flying out of EWR next weekend with family. Was using points for 3 rooms elsewhere and planning to pay parking for two cars for 10 days. After subtracting what we would have paid for parking, I’m happy to pay the ~$40 for the room and keep my points for a better redemption. This is an absolutely slamming deal if you need close to the 14 days in parking. The nonrefundable rate at the hotel for our date was $117. AAA rate was $118. For a dollar more, you get parking. Awesome.

    Also of note, you buy the voucher from Travelzoo, but they give you a link to and you book direct through Hilton. Will report back as to whether I earn points/get elite benefits, but it’s not impossible (though I’m obviously not counting on it).

    Thanks again!

    1. Nico, really glad to hear this one helped you out! I’ve enjoyed speaking at FTU in the past, and it’s great to hear from people who read my blog regularly. Honestly, when I see the traffic numbers continue to grow, I’m still a bit mesmerized at how many folks read my blog on a daily basis.
      Be sure to report back on whether you get elite credit!

  2. Ed, when I was flying out of IAD a lot, I would routinely book the Hyatt and park. On a week trip, it was the same cost as parking and gave me a stay credit. Made DIA requal pretty easy…

  3. many hottels near the airport do this and they pick u up after the trip and put ur luggage into ur car…nice we have done this when we go away for more than 5 days esp if we get the $72 hotel rate!!!

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