Amazon Tap (Alexa’s Little Sister) On Sale Today. Lowest Price I’ve Seen

Today seems to be a good day for Amazon Deals of the Day.  I posted earlier about my favorite travel charger, cables and car charger on sale today.

Amazon Tap is also on sale today for $99.  This is the same price it was on Prime Day, but I don’t recall seeing it this cheaply any other time.

Amazon Tap

Amazon Tap

If you’re not familiar, it’s like the Amazon Echo’s little sister/brother.  It’s an Alexa-enabled bluetooth speaker that you can take with you anywhere.  I’ve had my Echo for a bit over a year and I still find I don’t use it as much as I thought I would.  I like the sound quality but wouldn’t say I’m in love with it.

If sound quality is what you crave (and price isn’t your sole driver), I’d go with the Bose SoundLink Mini II and use Siri or Google to find what you need.  You should be able to stream most of the services Tap supports using your phone with the SoundLink.  With the discount on Tap, the Bose unit weighs in at double the cost.

There’s also a payment plan option on Tap I hadn’t noticed before, where you can pay $20 a month for 5 months (essentially free financing).  It seems pretty straightforward without any strings if you’re looking to stretch out payment while still enjoying (testing) the Tap.

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