Thanks And 2 Questions!

Wow!  What a great turnout last night.  Jeanne from LeChicGeek and I hosted an awesome happy hour last night.  We had almost a hundred frequent travelers show up to share ideas, tips, questions and strategies.  It was a raucous crowd!

2 Questions

2 Questions

It was a great night, though I’m sure I didn’t get to answer every question that people had, which leads to my two questions:

  1. If you attended the happy hour last night, did you have a question that I didn’t get to answer?  Feel free to post it here or e-mail me at ed -at- milepoint dot com.
  2. Is there anything you’d change about the happy hours?  Different times, different days, different locations, different format?

I had a great time meeting new folks and catching up with old friends last night.  I’m certain that the bar has never seen that many Chase Sapphire Preferred cards in one evening.  And, it was a great time with friends.  We had people show up from as far away as Chicago and as close by as 4 blocks from the restaurant.  Randy Petersen photo-bombed plenty of pictures with fellow frequent travelers, as you can see below (and there may or may not be video out there of Le Chic Geek rocking the mic later in the evening):

2 Questions

2 Questions

2 Questions

2 Questions

When Is The Next One?

We’ll be getting together again on October 25th to share tips and tricks with our fellow frequent travelers. Stay tuned for more info!

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  1. Thanks so much for organizing! Would be nice to see the occasional meet-up further out in Virginia, Tysons or Reston. Since there will be many lots of can’t make, more than every two months would be nice, but maybe too much for our kind organizers!
    Wouldn’t mind trying a Sunday night either… traffic so much less.

  2. Change: Maybe have a topic of the month re something that either i) provides a conversation starter for folks who don’t know anyone or ii) currently in the news (new Chase card/BA cutting food/something) or iii) who knows — some type of theme to add a bit of travel data exchange to a wonderful social event. That being said, the social aspect is great and if the above interferes, forget that I mentioned it.

    My $0.02.


  3. I’m agree with Kate, would be great to have it more out of DC, Reston out of her list would be easiest for me, though Tyson’s is fine too.

  4. Looks like a fun time, and appears Flat Randy made multiple appearances. (f you’re not familiar with the reference, google Flat Stanley – also a world traveler)

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