Cheap Europe Fares, Walking Across The Border And Why Some Travel Is Scary

Here’s what I’m reading about today in the world of travel:

Cheap Flights of the Day: Affordable summer flights to Italy.  Or, sub-$500 flights for the fall to Europe.  And, China for less than $600.

  In Case You Missed It: Some of our favorite meals in Paris.

3 ways for American Airlines to keep my loyalty.  If only it were up to me!

There’s plenty of blog posts that celebrate awesome travel.  Plenty that give you secrets, deals, tips on how to travel better.  But, there are few that confront things many of us feel, and do it well.

Ending soon.  Just a few hours left on 4 nights in Santorini in a suite at a beautiful hotel.

A sneak peek at the new Shanghai Disney.  We hit 3 Disney parks last year as a family, including Disneyland Paris.

Walking across the border to Mexico and getting on a plane.  Awesome.

3,000 IHG points for one-time dine in their program.

Passenger gets tied up after misbehaving on flight.

How to get 17% off your next Southwest flight.

When your car rental company screws you.  I’ve dealt with this before, though on the flip side.  I’m lucky enough that my company has access to Hertz Platinum, making it easy for me to get a car when a location is otherwise sold out.  So, I guess I’m the guy who left the metaphorical Gary high and dry in the past.

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