Last Day To Earn 50 Miles Per Dollar On Magazine Subscriptions

The AAdvantage shopping portal is offering 50 miles per dollar on magazine subscriptions through the end of the day.

Magazine Subscriptions

I noticed this last night on Mommy Points.  She correctly notes that there have bigger offers in the past, but it’s been a while since I can recall seeing a 50 mile/dollar offer.  I’ve done some pretty crazy things with magazine subscriptions over the years to earn boatloads of miles, but as programs have started to sell miles at more reduced prices and tightened up some of the crazy offers the overall value hasn’t been there.

At these prices, you’re essentially paying 2 cents per mile which you can redeem on American Airlines and oneworld partner flights.  That’s not bad but they’ve sold miles for less recently.

So, this offer is best for those already in the market for magazine subscriptions (for themselves or as gifts) or if you have a way to take a tax deduction on the cost of the subscription, further reducing your “cost” to acquire these miles.

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  1. I checked the site last night. If you’re looking to pay Top dollar for a magazine, then this is a deal. Otherwise, they’re asking regular price, not discounted price. Maybe that’s why the other bloggers didn’t point this out. As always, YMMV.

    1. Hammer, YMMV on pretty much everything in life. I found a few that were what I would consider “over-priced” and some that were cheaper than what I recall my wife paying for a magazine in the past. The only subscription I have right now is SI and I’m likely dropping it. But, for some folks it’s still worth considering.

  2. When I managed to get subscriptions as ‘gifts’, why pay. A few came from the airline that features a bear in the online ad and everyone knocks. When renewal time arrives, the offer price is always heavily discount.

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