Cheap Flights Between The Coasts And A Delta Award Sale (Really)

Here’s what I’m reading about today in the world of miles and points:

Cheap Flight of the Day: A few more airlines offering those ~$200 fares to Puerto Rico.  Also, coast-to-coast (in both directions) for under $250.  That’s mileage run territory.

6 ways to travel for free.  I appreciate Charles listing me as one of his favorite blogs.

A couple of travel auctions:

2 nights at the William Hotel in New York.  Currently about $400 which is a decent price for an upscale property in NYC.

4 nights on a luxury yacht is currently less than $50.  Not sure I want to go to Myanmar, but it’s a nice looking yacht.

Here are all 4 quarters of Discover 5% cash back categories for 2016.  6 months of Amazon!

Let the bidding for Cuba flights commence!

Are you flexible with your schedule?  Do you want to travel?  Then, Get The F Out!

Delta is having a sale on business class awards.  That’s news!

I don’t follow the Virgin America program that closely, but these look like pretty good values for redeeming points!

$20 in Uber credit when you make a North Face purchase.  Interesting.

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