Giveaway! Lounge Passes And Drink Vouchers. Help Me Clean My Desk!

ETA: Forgot the obvious.  Please specify which gift you want me to send you if I pick you as a winner.

My desk is a disaster and I’m doing some cleaning.  I have:

  • United Airlines Drink Vouchers(potentially more useful now that the drink policy is changing)
  • United Airlines Lounge Passes
  • Alaska Airlines Lounge Passes (expire end of 2015)

Leave me a comment and I’ll pick winners this weekend.  You have until 11:59pm Friday, November 13th (yikes) to enter.  You can enter more than once a day, just don’t inundate the thread.



  1. I’m taking a trip with my Dad on United where our upgrade chances are less than 0 and i’d love to buy him a drink

  2. Using United to fly to Hawaii from ATL for our 1st anniversary. Lounge passes or drink vouchers will be highly appreciated. Thanks in advance. Cheers!!

  3. We would love to win the Alaska lounge passes to use during our long layover in Seattle in December! Thanks for this giveaway!

  4. My husband and I are flying on AS from Orange County to Seattle for Christmas to see family. Would love to use the Alaska Airlines board room vouchers and try out the new lounge at the North Satellite area.

  5. Mr. Pizzarello, will much appreciate United lounge passes. Hgo back to the haven’t been on a plane for almost 10 yrs. since I’ve been here in the States. Next summer, I’ll get a chance to go with family of 4 to visit a home country in Asia.

    Thank you sir for a consideration

  6. My wife and I would happily make use of a couple United Lounge passes on our upcoming Christmas and New Year’s travel plans! Thanks!

  7. My layovers to Europe are at EWR. The only way to avoid the masses is to hang out in one of the United Lounges. If you have a lounge pass for next year, or a free drink aboard, that would be such a great benefit from you cleaning your desk. Thank you.

  8. I fly united every month to visit my long distance gf from lax to SFO. Would love the opportunity to get the united pass 🙂

  9. I would love to win the drink vouchers!
    PS- I love your blog. You do a great job of balancing anecdotes and useful information!

  10. Flying to Florida with our twins for first time next Thursday, could really use the United Lounge Pass for flight out of Denver.

  11. Flying to United from DEN to Tampa to help my 80 year old aunt move. Would love a United Lounge Pass to unwind. Thanks !

  12. Flying United with the wife to CUN for my Birthday next month, with the long layover in DFW, we could use the lounge pass and the drink coupons are the perfect way to start the trip!!

  13. Happy to help you clean your desk. United Club would be the first choice, followed by United drink tickets. Thanks!

  14. Now that their revenue based system makes sure I hardly get any miles, this will be a reason for me to choose them over Delta…

  15. I would like United club passes and/or drink vouchers, please. I don’t expect to be anywhere where I could use the Alaska passes before they expire.

  16. will finish an 8 month north American bicycle tour in fl right before Xmas. then, the hard way, via plane, I must fly to Boston for xmas and then Eugene, Oregon for new years eve….on united, with killer layovers in Seattle AND pdx. some drink and lounge vouchers would definitely take the edge off a life from cycling 100 miles a day versus flying thousands of miles a day!

    r h

  17. Thanks for this give-away! If lucky, I’d really enjoy either beverage or lounge passes on United for my January trip to Costa Rica.

  18. United lounge passes please. Beenloyal to AA for years, decided its time t o start checking out options! Have some non AA flights coming up….

  19. How cool to win any of the United vouchers! If I win, please give the Alaska vouchers to someone who would be able to use them.

  20. United passes would be awesome. Flying with our 3yr old toddler. Would to see what a lounge is like and get some snacks before the flight. Thanks!

  21. Huge layover on way home from Sydney to Wisconsin in coach with a family of 4. Lounge passes & drink coupons would be appreciated (& necessary)

  22. I’d love to win some drink coupons or lounge passes for flights to and from Costa Rica on United in January with layovers both ways in Houston.

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