American Airlines Offering Free Movies On Some Domestic Flights

It’s possible that this has been there forever and I’ve missed this on the Gogo portal.  But, I’ve noticed the last few times I’ve logged in on an American Airlines flight, they’re offering a free movie (you don’t have to purchase WiFi to get access):

Free Movies

I wasn’t logged in at the time, either, so you don’t need to be a monthly Gogo subscriber.  This has been on a handful of routes over the past few weeks, so can’t verify how widespread it is.  I’ve watched a handful of movies on the Gogo service over the past few years and all streamed just fine.

When United was rolling out service last year they offered a menu of free content to anyone who had their updated app.  I haven’t had a ton of flights with working WiFi lately so I haven’t bothered checking if free movies are still part of the offering there.

So, if you’re looking for free entertainment on your next flight and the antics of your fellow passengers aren’t entertainment enough, consider this option!


      1. I can confirm that UA is offering free streaming content on all their A319s. There is a fairly large library of content to choose from, but not much in terms of new releases. If you’re a Harry Potter or 007 fan, there’s a lot there for you.

  1. Does the GoGo movie content provide closed captioning in English or other languages?

    Many of the top tier Asian and Gulf carriers provide closed captioning (in various languages) and usually an option to listen to the content in alternative languages.

  2. Sorry, I am lagging on this. Don’t have to have something uploaded on my device to maybe see if this an option? I fly them this week back home to SAN. In the way here they had seatback entertainment screens. Thanks!

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