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I woke up to a flurry of tweets this morning.  Since I don’t follow anything to do with the Kardashians, that meant there was a good fare sale somewhere.  That somewhere is Europe.  For just a moment, ignore the cities in Europe it’s offered to if you’re not interested.  I’ll explain further down.

American Airlines appears to be matching parts of an earlier Delta deal, offering widespread sub-$700 tickets to Europe.  They’ve put flights to Europe on sale for Amsterdam, Milan, Rome, Zurich and Brussels.  The list of cities where you can take advantage of this from includes:

  • Los Angeles [LAX]
  • San Jose [SJC]
  • Portland [PDX]
  • Seattle [SEA]
  • Chicago [ORD]
  • Boston [BOS]
  • Baltimore [BWI]
  • Washington D.C. [DCA and IAD]
  • Fort Lauderdale [FLL]
  • Sacramento [SMF]
  • Tucson [TUS]
  • Austin [AUS]
  • San Antonio [SAT]
  • New Orleans [MSY]
  • Jacksonville [JAX]
  • Richmond [RIC]
  • Nashville [BNA]
  • Indianapolis [IND]
  • Milwaukee [MKE]
  • Columbus [CMH]

These fares are valid mostly through mid-December.  You can find the full scoop on The Flight Deal.

Delta earlier covered a handful of cities in Spain along with Helsinki from most of the same destinations.

The reason why it’s less important if you’re favorite European city pops up in this sale is that travel through Europe is easy.  You can take advantage of the Norwegian Air sale I wrote about yesterday.  Train travel is also ridiculously easy and usually cheap to get around Europe as well.  Think about this sale as getting you “over the pond” and then use discount carriers to get you the rest of the way.  If Norwegian or a train doesn’t work, consider Easyjet, Ryanair, Fly Niki, German Wings, Flyby, Wizzair and tons more.

Cheap Tickets

Not that the cities listed aren’t worth visiting.  For people interested in Italy, you can read my recent series on our family trip to Italy last year.  More specifically, here’s some information on Rome.  And, we did Greece and Paris earlier this summer if you have questions about either of those places.

Cheap Tickets

Cheap Tickets



  1. I booked a trip to Paris for my mom, sister, 1 yr old niece and myself. Do you know how we can stay at a Hyatt in Paris in the same room using points?

    1. Zlookup, Paris (and large parts of Europe) can be tough to find rooms for occupancy of 4. However, some properties will make exceptions when you have a 1-year old and look at it as a room for 3. For Hyatt, the Park Hyatt has very few rooms that can accommodate a rollaway bed. On our most recent trip, we stay at Hyatt Regency L’etoile. They were very helpful and they do have some rooms that are larger to accommodate 3. They also have a lot of connecting rooms if you need to book two rooms on points. Hyatt Madeleine would be the other property I would check, since I believe their rooms are larger than the both PH and L’etoile. Good luck! I’d call reservations now to ask, and if you strike out, try contacting the properties directly. If that doesn’t work, you may try e-mail or hopping on Milepoint to ask the GP concierge that helps out there.

      1. It’s surprising that so few hotels in Paris allow an occupancy of 4. France has about the same fertility rate as the United States; do families with more than one child rent apartments? The thought of paying for a pair of rooms in Paris makes me wince.

        1. Grover, there are a few things that impact the availability of rooms for 4. One is room size, traditionally very small rooms that don’t accommodate roll-away beds. Second, total occupancy in the building (sometimes based on the density with so many smaller rooms) means they can’t legally let too many rooms have 3 or 4 or they’re over their occupancy numbers. Another factor is the lack of connecting rooms which make it harder to cobble together inventory that can fit more people. It’s troublesome, but this is where I think points and loyalty come into play. It’s more comfortable to reserve two rooms using points, and certainly cheaper than paying for both. Similarly, using suite upgrades (or redeeming points for a suite) are great value for places like Paris.

  2. Ed – Thanks for the heads up we got MCO-AMS for $649 in late october and MCO-FCO for $649 over thanksgiving!!!!!

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