1. It’s attractive but I’d need the symbolism explained to me. Is CO blue about to envelop UA red?

    Despite that, any new designs, logos or catchphrases for the “New United” bring to mind an old saying about applying mouth makeup to porcine creatures.

  2. Graphic design students constantly are asked to pick on brands by their instructors to redesign the corporate identity for their student portfolios. This is what it is–spec work. It’s not worth a blog post on this site–pointless bait and switch.

    The logo mark (the 48-state continent) is consisted of two unbalanced shapes, literally and negatively depicting a continental divide between the red and blue states / politics. The logo mark also barely resembles the “U” letterform. The gradient colors are way too similar to AA’s new branding. The font is not bad but would work better for a low-cost airline with the rounded terminals in letterforms as illustrated by AirAsia, IndiGo, TUI and Transavia. Overall, this student project is a big fail.

  3. If you actually read the whole page, the following is at the bottom:

    Response from United Airlines via Twitter:
    “@CSherry11 Very cool and creative. I hope you got an A+ on this project. Thanks for sharing with us. ^KP

    Total clickbait.

    1. Gene, don’t quote me on this, but I believe it was Star MegaDO 4 (?) where the mgmt at SFO dragged out 3 of tulip boarding carpets and we auctioned them off for charity. I believe they went for $900 a piece.

      1. I have one at home. Got it in a raffle. Cost me $40! Anyone want to buy it for $1,000? 🙂 It’s never been used…

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