Pictures of The New Grand Hyatt Playa del Carmen

Grand Hyatt Playa del Carmen

It looks like we’re less than a month away from the opening of the new Grand Hyatt Playa del Carmen.  Located on the Riviera Maya about 45 minutes south of Cancun airport, Playa del Carmen is a city that appears to have grown up quite a bit since my wife and I were there for our honeymoon 13 years ago.

As the property gets ready to open, I was searching around for an opening date when I found a link that has a few actual pictures (most of the pics on the Hyatt site still look like renderings).

I’ve recommended Cancun to a number of people as a “starter” international trip.  You’re technically outside the US, but with Outback Steakhouse and Hugo Frog’s looming across the street from your hotel, it certainly won’t feel overly foreign.  That being said, if I were to head to this area again (cheap flights pop up regularly), I’d plan to head South when I left the airport and find a quieter resort south of Cancun.

It’s unclear if Grand Hyatt Playa del Carmen will be quiet, but it will be well-located right on the beach in Playa del Carmen.  There are good restaurants to experience there, and you’re a short boat ride to Cozumel.  If you’re up for renting a car, it’s easy to drive to Mayan ruins at Tulum and Chichen Itza.

The property is slated to have 314 guest rooms, of which 36 will be suites.  Based on the pictures, the property is long and narrow without a ton of beach frontage, so there will be a whole slew of rooms without a direct view of the beach.  But, the courtyard looks serene.  In an urban setting like Playa del Carmen, they’ve certainly taken advantage of every square foot they can.

The hotel appears to be opening as a category 5 property in the Hyatt Gold Passport program, which a standard room will cost 20,000 points.

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  1. I wouldn’t describe Playa itself as quiet. Great if you’re into Euro-style nightlife, though…

    1. JoshUK, I wouldn’t describe Playa as quiet, either. Maybe quieter than Cancun, but I haven’t been there in a number of years so that may still not be the case. What I meant when I referenced a quieter area was finding a resort somewhere on the Riviera Maya away from the crowds, something my wife and I did for our honeymoon.

  2. Why would one want to consider staying at the Grand Hyatt instead of Zilara (already opened) or Ziva which is opening later this year? Both are all-invlusive.

    1. Mike, some people don’t like all-inclusive resorts. I’m generally one of them, but had a great stay at Ziva Cabo. Plus, Playa del Carmen is a different place than Cancun, and a Grand Hyatt should offer more luxury. But, I’d bet both will offer great experiences.

    1. No problem. Let me know if you end up with more pics and I’ll be happy to put them in the post or link to them.

  3. Playa is fairly quiet outside 5 Ave. and a few other spots with the main tourist crowds. It’s also a great base for easy trips to more secluded spots and all the wonderful ruins in the region. You couldn’t pay me to stay in Cancun.

    I wouldn’t waste the time or points for this Hyatt property when there are some very nice, quite affordable local hotels and guesthouses in quiet mostly residential areas…and those properties don’t draw the annoying party tourists from up north and across the pond.

    1. Ryan, I agree it’s an easier base to get to some of the places worth seeing in that region. I’d still consider staying in Cancun, but at a very select few properties. It’s a very different type of trip than staying somewhere outside of town.

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