Pizza Week In Review: May 17, 2015

It was a busy week in the miles and points world.  Here’s a quick update on what this week looked like:

I’m giving away Alaska Airlines Board Room day passes, courtesy of one of my readers.

You have until tomorrow to get a 16% rebate on many purchases from Ebates.   There’s also some info about Starwood Preferred Guest status matches, bonus points for Southwest credit card holders and how to access the uncensored internet in China.

The DOT continues its gyrations on the issue of mistake fares.  If you haven’t read the latest rule, I cover it here and offer my thoughts on how crazy things have gotten with the government on this issue.

Which leads me to ask the question whether the airlines should be regulated again?  Firm NO.

Meanwhile, United Airlines has released a partial schedule of where they except their next round of 787-9s to go.  The changes represent both increases and decreases in the total seats to some markets.

On the ground, the Amtrak crash in Philadelphia was devastating news.  Technology that could have prevented it is on the way, but running way behind schedule (and long overdue).

Delta is honoring Amtrak tickets in the Northeast Corridor while Amtrak is running reduced service.  Read more here, along with the lowdown on that crazy business class fare ware that sparked up quickly (and died quickly) between the big boys for tickets to Hong Kong.

For family travelers, I covered the best places to rent at stroller for Disney World.  As our kids have gotten older, we’ve gotten out of the habit of packing a stroller.  But, given how much ground there is to cover at Disney, a stroller for your kids can be a great weapon.

Starwood Preferred Guest is out with their summer promo.  It’s not going to be a good fit for many travelers.  It’s a definite sign of the continued financial strength of the hotel industry overall.

If you’re traveling internationally, here’s a post that will remind you of the things you need to do to be financially prepared.

Heading to Disney World? Here’s the best meal at the Magic Kingdom.

If you have a princess-in-waiting, lunch at Cinderella’s Royal Table is a pricey, but great way to create some lasting memories for her.

Looking forward to another week of miles and points!

Where are you traveling this week?

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