GIVEAWAY: Alaska Airlines Board Room Passes

Thanks to another friendly reader of Pizza In Motion, I’ve got a giveaway today of some Alaska Airlines Board Room One-Day Passes.  Special thanks for the giveaway goes to very royal reader “CK”.

Alaska Airlines Board Room

The passes expire in December of this year (2015).  While there aren’t a ton of Board Room locations, they’re located in:





Here’s a detailed list of where to find them.

Even though Alaska has partnerships with Delta and American, I couldn’t find anything that indicates you can use these at partner lounges, just Board Rooms.

I’ll give them away in 4 pairs of 2 each.

Just leave a comment here about where you’re traveling this summer and you’ll be entered.  You can enter once a day through Monday, May 18th, 2015.

Good luck, and thanks to CK!

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  1. Great timing on this giveaway….I’ll be going to lax and sea at least twice over the summer.

  2. Heading to Washington DC from Las Vegas..Washington DC to Seattle..Seattle/Honolulu..Honolulu to Las Vegas …whew!

  3. Headed to Los Angeles about three or four times between now and December! Would put these to great use.

  4. Heading out Seattle way this summer to see family. I believe I could put the passes to good use!

  5. I travel to Portland and Seattle every month. I would love a boardroom pass! Thanks for running the promo!

  6. I fly to Mammoth Lakes a few times a year and AS through LAX is the only way there (or a 2 hour drive from Reno), so these would come in handy.

  7. My parents are coming to visit me in Orange County from Seattle and they could use these in SEA. Thanks!

  8. Flying to LAX several times this summer, this would make the inevitable delays much more bearable 😉

  9. I will be flying Alaska to Hawaii this summer and would really appreciate finally seeing LAX Board Room.

  10. I’m taking weekender trips this summer, one to Portland and one to SFO. Wish these were more exotic destinations…but I’m saving those for next year!

    Thanks CK and Pizza in Motion!!

    I live near Seattle and usually fly Alaska, Boardroom passes would come in handy in my travels.

    1. Jeremy, what a great place for a honeymoon. The Le Meridien was on SPG Hot Escapes this week.

  11. My wife and I are heading either to Portland or Seattle this August, Both are great places to escape the midwest heat/humidity in August.

  12. Got Costa Rica, Thailand, and Malaysia booked. Probably at least one other trip thrown in there for the summer though

  13. 4 X to LAX to look after my elderly father, 1 X to PDX for a technical conference, and 1 X to SEA to celebrate 4th of July with my brother.

  14. I’ll be traveling from Singapore to Las Vegas via LA this August and after the long flight, would love a nice place to relax before the last leg.

  15. im bicycling around the country. however, I must press pause when I get to Seattle to fly to Pennsylvania to farmsit for a friend two weeks. would LOVE some Alaskan airlines lounge passes to kill the time I will have at the airport on the outgoing and returning flights! this would make my day and the miles from here (Boston…..I started in Florida) to Seattle FLY (ha!) by!

  16. Ill be traveling with my gf to Kauai in August! EWR-SEA-LIH. These 2 passes will be perfect for our layover!

  17. We are meeting up with our friends from San Diego at Disneyland, so these passes would come in handy. Thanks!

  18. We are headed to Seattle …….first time……cant wait and we are going to Orcas island in season. So we will be in the airport at least 2 times……they would be great !! Thanks

  19. Heading to Seattle twice this summer. Boardroom passes would be great. Never been in the boardroom before.

  20. Taking my mom to Stockholm from PDX via SEA this summer for a little “thank god my deployment is over” celebratory trip. These would certainly come in handy. 😛

  21. I’m heading to Hawaii, where I will have a long layover on my way back from Hilo at Honolulu International, where there is a Boardroom.

  22. We’re also going to Mexico in November flying out of Seattle and would like to use the Alaska lounge room there.

  23. I always read your blog, whether the title applies to me or not. I enjoy your writing and I always learn something for the future. Thanks!

  24. We’ve often flown Alaska out of Seattle and they have checked our tickets to confirm we are flying on Alaska ( as we will be twice this year). I hope whomever wins these can use them (ie they are flying from the few airports that Alaska uses and are flying on Alaska….hate too see things wasted myself)

  25. Visiting Alaska in July, and this will complete my epic misadventures to staying in one night in every US State

    1. Stan, that’s awesome. I have the same challenge, though quite a bit further behind you.

  26. Visiting Portland for the first time and would definitely like to use their lounge. Thanks for the giveaway

  27. I will be going to YYC in mid-June and will be stopping in SEA. The lounge passes would be great!

  28. OMG! Mr. Pizza, is your friend CK = Calvin Klein? I will visit my bf in Seattle and hopefully will see you and CK!

  29. Would love to use these flying out of LAX to one of the new Alaska routes later this year (Liberia, Costa Rica I hope!).

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