AWESOME BBQ! Need a Ticket To Austin MegaDO?

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Do you love BBQ?  The occasional bar crawl?  Ever tried out Hecklevision?  I can’t even tell you how much fun I had at last year’s Austin MegaDO.  And, now I have an extra ticket.  So, if you missed out on registering for the event, I’ve got a chance for you to win one.  There’s BBQ, movies, bar crawls, and a brunch.  Did I mention BBQ?  And, they do some awesome fundraising as well.  You can follow the discussion about the event here.  The event has been sold out since it went on sale (selling out in minutes).

Hecklevision: heck·le ˈhe-kəl

Noun: A movie where you’re able to order food, maybe a beer, and watch comments stream by on the screen from the people sitting around you (hopefully friends).

Verb: The act of joining into the fun your friends are having by posting things you might not normally say in public but are absolutely hilarious when displayed on a screen for your friends to read.  One can perform this act anonymously if so chosen.

I’m desperately trying to rearrange my schedule to attend the Austin MegaDO and it looks like I’ll be able to attend a small sliver (did someone say Hecklevision?).  But, my wife won’t be able to join me, so our loss is your win!

Alas, this ticket isn’t registered for all the events, but it is registered for the Evening in the Park and the Stiles Switch meal.  And, of course, Hecklevision.  And, if I do end up making it to the event, I’ll buy your food and drinks at Hecklevision.

Leave a comment here on this post related to the event. If you’re a past attendee, feel free to share your favorite memory.  Or, just tell me your favorite BBQ joint.

To be clear, I don’t want this ticket to go to waste. If you’re not sure you can make it, don’t enter the giveaway.  I want a full report from someone on Stiles Switch when this thing is done!

I’ll draw winners over the weekend.  Until then, feel free to enter multiple times as long as you’re responding to a comment in the thread.  I’ll do my best to keep up the BBQ banter.  Where is some Black’s when you need it?


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  1. Sounds great. Favorite BBQ: Salt Lick in Driftwood. I know there’s an airport location too, but I haven’t tried it to compare.

    1. Do you have tix for Austin MegaDO already or no? Likely only planning a short pitstop. What’s Pecan Lodge?

      1. No, do not have a ticket to the Austin MegaDo this year. I though I was going to be on another trip. Pecan Lodge is Dallas answer to Franklin’s. It’s seriously good BBQ so when you’re in town for FTU we gotta go get some. http://www.pecanlodge.com

          1. Lockhart is right down the way too. Get brisket at Pecan Lodge and then pick up sausages at Lockhart 🙂

  2. I am going to be there but have no ticket as my work computer blocked me from registering so this would really come in handy for me to attend some of the scheduled events
    Thanks Ed

      1. I wouldn’t drive from NoVA just for that purpose, but they have locations all over MD and down in Southern VA, so if you find yourself up in Central MD, it’s a good option.

  3. My favorite may have been the first MegaDo when we ate at 4 BBQ places in one day – I could not believe people actually ordered sides! I paid for last year and was deathly ill and had to miss the Franklin BBQ orgy and this year during signup I was at 32000 FT and the gogo did not work! So I may be willing to offer transportation if it works!

    1. TxYankee, I missed the first year. I thought Franklin was good but not over the top. Wish I was getting to Stiles this year but likely missing it. What were the BBQ places the first year?

      1. Black’s, Kreuz, and Smitty’s for sure. I think that the other one was Chishlom. We did all four in a row, after breakfast tacos and more at SPG call center in Austin. I’m big now and was much bigger. Bu the time we got to the 4th place (I think it was Smitty’s) I didn’t even order anything. I liked Kreuz the best, I think we also went there on Austin MegaDO 2.

        1. I haven’t done Smitty’s or Chisholm yet, but looking forward to adding them to the list. And, you’re really not big now, or at least weren’t when I saw you at DFW a couple months ago.

  4. Would love to win and compare notes on Black’s BBQ and Stiles BBQ! Last MegaDo we went to was a sold out dinner we got to attend because bad weather in the NE prevented some attendees from coming. Hope there is good weather this time!

    1. Don, I’ll be interested in hearing your comparison. I absolutely love Black’s. Did you get to try Franklin?

  5. Just to be clear, we can make this free ticket have access to all events, EXCEPT NxNW (Thu eve) and EXCEPT the UA Event (Fri am). We’ll set thing’s up depending on the winner’s schedule.

  6. Having been a passive observer to many ‘Carolina vs Texas’ style bbq debates, this would be my chance to really sample the Texas fare.

  7. Would love to attend, I live in Austin and have never been.
    BBQ- Stiles, Black’s Franklin. There are really tons of good choices on the BBQ trail…

  8. I’ve never done heckle vision but love Master Pancake. If you ever get a chance to catch one of their shows they are great.

  9. I like the beef ribs at the Salt Lick, and the fact they it’s BYOB is a bonus. Haven’t been to Stiles, but I’d provide a full report if I wubd up with your extra ticket

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