Lowest Price I’ve Seen On My Favorite Battery

I’m working on a series of posts for items I carry in my backpack and noticed today that my favorite pocket battery has dropped in price again.


I’ve paid $19.99 for the Anker 3200 mAh portable charger in the past and thought that was a good deal.  Then, right before Christmas Amazon dropped the price to $16.99.  Today, it’s showing up at $13.99.

As a general rule, batteries and storage devices continue to get cheaper.  But, the Anker stuff is really durable.  I have half a dozen different pieces from them and they all hold their charge and/or charge the way they’re supposed to, a bit of a rarity these days.  If you need more juice, they also carry larger batteries that will deliver more than 2 amps to effectively charge iPads and other tablets as well.

I’m a bit unlike most people, in that I carry the really big guy which will charge my tablet and phone at the same time as my earpiece.

This battery is ideal for your pocket (why they call it a “lipstick charger”), weighing less than 3 ounces and measuring less than 4 inches in length.  My daughter was looking over my shoulder and saw there was a pink one, so she’s trying to get me to buy another one!


I doubt the price gets lower than this, so if you think you might need one, now’s a good time.  I do earn a referral credit if you order from one of my links, which I genuinely appreciate.


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    1. Yeah, I noticed that when my daughter winked at the pink one. Hence the reason I didn’t order it. 🙂

  1. “As a general rule, batteries and storage devices continue to get cheaper.”

    “I doubt the price gets lower than this”

    Care to explain?

    1. Mike, these are normally priced at $20 and the other colors aren’t discounted. I just don’t see them going much lower than $14 in the near future, given Amazon’s processing cost, shipping and Anker’s profit margin. It may seem like I’m contradicting myself, but while I do believe the price can come down from $20, I don’t see sub-$14 anytime soon. Then again, I’m the guy that thought $17 was a good price 😉

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