Win A Free Ticket To Frequent Traveler University Next Week

A great friend of mine and fellow reader of my blog has graciously donated their ticket for this upcoming weekend’s Frequent Traveler University in the DC area to one lucky reader. A big thanks to storyteller on Milepoint.

I’ll be speaking at the event along with a very talented panel of speakers:

• Ben Mutzabaugh, USA TODAY Travel
• Gary Leff, View from the Wing
• Ben Schlappig, One Mile at a Time
• Greg Davis-Kean, FrequentMiler
• Stefan Krasowski, Rapid Travel Chai
• Matthew Klint, Live and Let’s Fly
• Scott Mackenzie, Travel Codex
• Daraius Dubash, Million Mile Secrets
• Summer Hull, Mommy Points
• Ed Pizzarello, Pizza in Motion
• Chris Guillebeau, The Art of Non-Conformity
• Matthew Kepnes, Nomadic Matt

All you need to do is leave a comment here as to why you want to attend. You can enter once per day until Sunday, November 30, 2014.

The winner will be drawn on Monday.

Tickets are still for sale if you’re interested in attending. Should be a great event!

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  1. My dad has been before and said it was excellent. I’d love to go and hear the info myself to learn what more I could be doing to earn better mileage returns.

  2. Two of my friends are going and have told me about it but I really can’t pay the registration fee at the moment. I would love to go and learn more about miles/points stuff here in DC!

  3. I am a complete beginner in milage runs, and need to begin my education for the US Airways challenge. I would be happy to start my education at FTU .

  4. My calendar opened up for the FTU dates after tix sold out. Would love to connect with fellow travel/bargain enthusiasts! Thanks for hosting the contest.

  5. I’ve been a serious amateur in this space for over a year and was content with mistake fares (cough…wideroe..cough) and vanilla coups (not reloads…they only work with cash…right? 😉 ). That was until i met serious folks @ NY meetup where i learnt of new buttons and levers in this game. Looking to hone my skills (esp MR) so that i dont pass on deals like 100K Citi AA…Never Again!!

      1. Indeed! RT MXP for $131 …except my credit card company drove me off the cliff despite my advanced notification. I still get nighmares 😛 Memorial day AA gaffe to the rescue

          1. Lovely! I always felt Paris would be too depressing for a single guy like me 😉 I only did a layover for 24 hours. Yeah, i hear you. At these prices you can afford to gamble. My NYC-MXP-PRG-TKY flight was the same. I didn’t mind speculatively booking such a trip 6 months in advance for $167.

          2. Yeah, my Paris trip was with my wife and daughter. 🙂
            I got to the MXP party a bit too late or I would have grabbed a couple. Would have been more likely to do that vs DXB.

  6. I would love to attend FTU as I am just getting into frequent traveling and would love to hear from some of the experts.

  7. I live in Washington DC, and this will be a great way for me to get my foot in the door for all the amazing conversations I haven’t been part of so far!

  8. I’m getting pretty good at earnin’ miles & points, but need some learnin’ to get better at burnin’ them. FTU will help me overcome that weakness!

  9. Thankfully, DC’s only a few hours drive. My calendar opened up for the FTU dates after tix sold out. Would love to connect with fellow travel/bargain enthusiasts! Thanks for hosting the contest.

  10. I’ve been dabbling in the word of miles & point for a while and would love to participate in some advanced discussions especially since I work 0.5 miles away from Hyatt.

  11. With the ever-evolving landscape of points/miles optimization (accrual and spend), I’d like to pick up tips on ways to mfg spend conveniently, smart ways to earn lifetime elite status in preferred hotel and airline oufits, and maximize points/miles spend on bucket list experiences.

  12. I was too slow and so the advanced tickets were sold out before I could get one. I’m local and would love to attend to catch up with FTU friends!

  13. My daughter tells me that I know just enough to be dangerous! I’d love to go and learn the basics from the pros so that I can better speak and understand the language.

  14. As a young traveler and someone who caught the travel bug such a short time ago and been hooked ever since, this would be an amazing opportunity to learn from some of the greats in the industry. Thank you!

  15. I have been following the around the world trip with one of my favorite bloggers and his dad and want to plan one for my dad’s 60th birthday!

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