Plenty To Be Thankful For!

It’s been a bit over 6 years since I started this blog.  I started it as a way to keep in touch with family and friends.  I wrote about whatever moved me, whether that was sports, politics or travel.  Back then, a normal day saw 4 or 5 people visit and a big day was double-digit traffic.  I remember a day back in 2008 when I got a sneak peek at the new train going into Dulles airport and was shocked when over 100 people visited my blog.

Some painful personal losses in my family lead me to step away from the blog for a while.  I wandered back to it a few years ago and decided I was ready to start writing again, hoping that folks would want to read what I write.  I received a suggestion from a friend that I should focus on one area to engage readers and I chose travel.  It was very timely and helpful advice that got me pointed in the right direction.

Since then, the blog has grown considerably, which means there are folks out there that actually enjoy what I have to say.  On a chilly Thanksgiving day with my family, I have a few people to thank for helping make the blog a success so far:

Gary, of View From the Wing.  He was the friend I mentioned above who suggested I focus on one area for the blog and has been a great supporter along the way.

Randy, who invited me to Boarding Area earlier this year.  The tireless support from him and the entire HOM staff (hope I don’t leave out any names, Denny, Meagan, Josh, Mark, Randy, Karen and the people I’m forgetting) have made this a better blog in so many ways.  The amount of time that Randy has spent with me personally has helped me become a better blogger.

I’ve received support from many of my fellow Boarding Area bloggers.  Well before I was on Boarding Area, Summer from Mommy Points has always been in my corner.

Jeanne and Keri jumped Heels First (ouch!) into helping me when I was introduced by Gary.

Which really leaves me just two more to thank.

First, it’s you.  It’s crazy to think that thousands of folks show up here to read what I have to say.  Many of you take the time to tell me when you enjoy something I wrote.  And, when you disagree (yup, looking at you, Seth).  Even when you’re disagreeing, it’s rewarding to have folks take the time to interact with me here.

Lastly, and most importantly, my family.  I try to limit the number of times I tell my kids I’m too busy writing a blog post to play with them.  But, there’s plenty of time that goes into writing this blog and the support of my family is immeasurable.  I’m truly thankful, especially today, for everything they put up with to help make this corner of the internet s0mething that’s personally rewarding for me.



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