American Airlines Mini Shopping Mall Bonus

The American Airlines shopping mall continues the trend of smaller back-to-school bonuses with a 1,000 mile bonus for $200 in purchases in the next week.

Mini Shopping Mall

The timing is a very narrow window.  You only have until August 25th to spend $200.  But, it’s really not that hard to spend $200 on every day purchases when you consider the hundreds of merchants on the shopping portals.

Taking advantage of this offer and the other small United Airlines MileagePlus offer out recently would net you an extra 3,000 miles.  That doesn’t sound like a lot but it’s a bit more than 10% of the way to a free ticket in the continental US.  Piecing together small opportunities like this make free travel possible.  Just a quick list of places you can use the shopping portal for:


Home Depot

Best Buy


Apple Store



Under Armour

And a couple hundred more.



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